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70178 Stuttgart

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Through years of experience
within the permanent hair removal*
we have become a professional at the
Hair removal with light established.

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Reviews service quality at Haarfreiheit

Proven Expert - Haarfreiheit recommended by customers 2023
Awarded by Proven Expert as top service provider for the permanent hair removal of haarfreiheit
Awarded by ausgezeichnet. org for Haarfreiheit Mannheim as top service provider for permanent hair removal over several years
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Reviews service quality at Haarfreiheit

Awarded by Proven Expert as top service provider for the permanent hair removal of Haarfreiheit.
Proven Expert - Haarfreiheit recommended by customers 2023
Awarded by ausgezeichnet. org for Haarfreiheit Mannheim as top service provider for permanent hair removal over several years
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    0711 – 286 969 69

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    Marienstraße 3A
    70178 Stuttgart

    Our institute Stuttgart is located in the center of the city. You can reach us best with public transportation. It’s only a one-minute walk from “Rotebühlplatz”.

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    Monday 8:00 – 22:00

    Tuesday 8:00 – 22:00

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    specialist team GmbH

    medical cooperation partner

    The medical team of ntmc GmbH supports us as a cooperation partner in all medical aspects of permanent hair removal*. Among other things, they take care of the promotion of our specialist staff in the field of hair removal with the help of light and laser. This allows us to offer you professional advice and treatment in order to achieve the best possible results.

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    Our specialized NiSV certified

    The NiSV is a state ordinance for protection against harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation when applied to humans.

    Of course, our specialist staff is trained and certified in accordance with this law. The comprehensive training ensures proper handling of technologies and ensures proper responsibility and education on the subject of permanent hair removal by means of light & laser. So you can always feel safe and in good hands with hairlessness.

    Trust in our expertise.

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    Treatment procedure

    Silky and smooth skin, and always*? With the help of XENOgel® Technology, which is exclusively available from us, this is no longer a problem. Shaving, epilating or waxing is a thing of the past. As well as skin irritations, pain or even ingrown hairs.

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    Take the time to relax in our institutes.
    During the treatment you have the opportunity to switch off from your daily routine.

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    On site you have the opportunity to ask all your questions about permanent hair removal*. Our specialists will inform you about the different technologies, the benefits of hair removal with light and laser technology as well as the prices. Come in now.

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    During the consultation, your hair growth and also your skin type will be analyzed to achieve optimal results with the treatment. Permanent hair removal* treatments are performed by trained professionals at all times. This receives regular training and education in our Hair Freedom Academy. Make an appointment with the expert today.

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    That is why a permanent
    Hair removal* several sessions

    While the hair is in the growth phase, the hair is connected to a hair root, which supplies them. In the subsequent resting phase, the connection between the hair and the root loosens.


    While only 10% of hairs are ever in the so-called anagen phase, the remaining 90% remain in the telogen phase, which is also known as the resting phase. A hair is first in the so-called growth phase for about 4 whole weeks, before it changes to the rest phase for 9×4 weeks. Thus, each individual hair has its own cycle. For example, if there are 1000 hairs on the body surface, 100 of them are thus in the active growth phase and 900 in the resting phase. As the respective body part goes into the resting phase after 4 weeks and the next body part is activated, we repeat the treatments accordingly. This ensures that all hairs in the active growth phase are treated.

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