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Smooth ARMPITS by permanent* hair removal
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Remove underarm hair permanently* – without stubble and without shaving

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Removing armpit hair the right way

Silky smooth armpits for every day

For many women, smooth armpits are a must. Not only in summer, but throughout the year you do not want to worry about annoying underarm hair. But how do you get smooth armpits? How to avoid stubble formation after shaving? The answer is permanent* hair removal in the area of the armpits. Because this is not only to be recommended from a purely aesthetic point of view.

Underarm hair can cause unpleasant odors despite daily hygiene. Thanks to modern photoepilation techniques such as XENOgel® Technology, we remove the annoying underarm hair painlessly and effectively. A great advantage of a hair removal with light or laser is that no* scratchy stubble can form under the armpits. Hairlessness in Mannheim fulfills your dream of steadily* smooth armpits without stubbles.

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Optimal result for every hair type

Hair removal with light can be performed on almost any hair type. Especially for dark-haired women, bristly stubble under the armpits can be very noticeable. Since these usually grow back very quickly, the need for immediate action is quite important. Free yourself from the burden of constantly removing bothersome hair. After all, shaving is not only time-consuming, but can also quickly lead to unwanted redness. A permanent hair removal treatment under the armpits can prevent this and saves you valuable time.

Known methods for underarm hair removal

Shaving of the armpits

The best known and probably the most common is the classic shaving of the armpits. It’s also probably the oldest method of getting rid of your armpits of hair since you got rid of your armpits of hair. And this is already a long-lasting routine in body care. Razors are used in different designs. With each shave, the arm must be raised and then the razor must be moved evenly against the direction of hair growth, so that all hairs are also caught. Once one armpit is free of hair, the next follows. But the big disadvantage is certainly the rapid stubble formation after each shave. Unfortunately, this happens even if it is a high-quality shaver, because the regrowth is ultimately due to biology.

Shaving without stubble formation?

Can you shave your armpits without stubble regrowing? Shaving the armpits inevitably leads to stubble, as the blade only cuts the hair at the surface without removing the hair roots. For this reason, armpit hair grows back directly because the hair roots continuously push the hair upward by forming new hair substance. In addition, the armpits are prone to irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs after shaving. Permanent hair removal at Haarfreiheit offers a more effective solution. Through targeted light pulses or laser energy, the hair follicles are permanently damaged, leading to long-term smooth and hair-free skin. This is the only way to avoid stubble.

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Removing hair with convincing technique

Removing armpit hair with state-of-the-art technology

Never worry about someone seeing your underarm hair again. Shaving your underarms without stubble is not possible, but you can easily prevent stubble with light-based hair removal. Underarm hair removal with light is one of the most popular methods, along with leg hair removal. In today’s society, these depilated areas are often associated with aesthetics and femininity. Say goodbye to bothersome underarm hair removal methods like shaving or painful waxing. Experience ultimate freedom with Haarfreiheit in Mannheim.

Removing armpit hair with the XENOgel® Technology

Say goodbye to the eternal cycle of shaving and stubble. Choose one of our modern photoepilation technologies to achieve smooth skin. Whether you opt for the XENOgel® Technology or the diode laser, enjoy hair-free skin without itching, inflammation, or pimples. Receive free consultation from our medical or cosmetic experts on removing bothersome underarm hair and relax in our Mannheim institute. Achieve your desired results in just a few sessions.

Smooth underarms with IPL hair removal

You are already familiar with IPL and would prefer to have your underarm hair removed using this technique? No problem, because we also offer this technology for permanent* underarm hair removal in Mannheim. Just mention it to us during your free consultation, and we will assess whether the technique is suitable for your needs.

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