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Permanent alexandrite laser hair removal

A versatile laser technology. The laser has an innovative cooling technology whereby the treatment not only promises permanent* hair-free but is also skin-friendly.

Permanently hairfree thanks to alexandrite laser

permanent laser hair removal with the alexandrite laser

Alexandrite laser are an effective and gentle method for removing tattoos and pigment disorders, although it is mainly used for permanent hair removal. To achieve a permanent hair removal, the hair root is treated with a laser energy of exactly 755nm wavelength. Due to the pooling of the light, the light impulses can reach the hair root optimally. By using such immense energy, the hair root is completely destroyed, so that the hair cannot regenerate itself anymore. Therefore, the hair removal is not only permanent but, thanks to an innovative cooling technology, also painless. No side-effects are known.

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Important information before the laser treatment

A bit longer before the laser treatment

About one month before the treatment intensive solar radiation should be avoided. Therefore, 3 to 4 weeks before the treatment solarium and sunbathing should be avoided. This is justified by the technique of the alexandrite laser, since the bundled light impulses are blocked by deep tanned skin. Since the hair roots cannot be reached this way, the treatment would not only be ineffective but also dangerous, because the consequence would be burns.

Shortly before the laser treatment

Discontinue all hair removal methods that remove the hair root from the body areas to be treated at least two weeks before treatment. This applies to epilation, waxing or plucking but also to the use of depilatory creams or bleaching agents. The reason for this is that the light needs the hair. This is the only way to get to the root of the hair. Shaving is possible immediately before the treatment. If regions of the face are to become permanently* hair-free, the facial skin is stripped of make-up, if any, and thoroughly cleansed before the treatment.

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Hairlessness thanks to the alexandrite laser: Process of the treatment

Innovative laser technology

Since the Alexandrite laser is equipped with an innovative cooling technology, anesthesia is not required for painless treatment. If the heat generated during the treatment nevertheless leads to slight redness of the skin, it heals completely within one to two days. If this is not the case, please contact us for an appointment.

Duration of each laser treatment

The duration of the single sessions complies with the size of the body area, which is to be treated. A treatment around the upper lip is about 10 minutes. Whereas a treatment for the legs needs various sessions, which are each about one hour.

Growth phases in permanent laser hair removal

Due to the growth cycle of the hair various follow-up treatments are needed for a permanent hair removal* with light therapy. The hair grows in three different cycles: After the growth phase, the transition phase follows and ultimately the resting phase takes place.

Since only hair can be treated which is in the growth phase, only about one third of hair can be treated during one session. The remaining hair is at that point in time in another of the both phases and cannot be reached. It takes about six to eight weeks, until the hair gets to the next section of the cycle, so that a different part of hair can be treated.  For this reason there are always various sessions necessary to remove all hair permanently*.

Important information about the laser hair removal with the alexandrite laser

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Special features of different skin and hair types

The treatment with an alexandrite laser is especially effective for people with fair skin and dark hair. Because with this distribution of the melanin, the bundled light waves can pass through the fair skin gently, then the dye inside the hair transports the light effectively to the hair roots. At this point the colour pigments are temporarily heated up highly, so that those denature. Hereby a chain reaction comes into effect, by activating the scavenger cells (macrophages), which are contained in the body. Those fight against the root of inflammation, hence the hair roots which are influenced by the light, and remove them permanently*, so that the hair cannot regenerate itself anymore.

The endogenous reaction to the treatment with light therapy is variable. In general, the most suitable hair for a treatment with the alexandrite laser is dark and thick hair. Under these circumstances a treatment is possible for all body areas for example legs, bikini zone, neck or breast and facial area.

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Melanin and its effect on laser hair removal

The hair removal with light depends on melanin, the dye inside the hair. That is why grey or very light hair is hard to be treated. Dark skinned people unfortunately cannot be treated as well, but there are different alternatives.

The effectiveness and durability of the hair removal with the alexandrite laser is proved by a medical long-term study. Visible results can be seen after the first treatment, so that the number and density of hair is reduced with every follow-up treatment.

When the final result is reached depends on the individual incidents of the customer. Generally speaking, there are about six to eight sessions necessary to achieve the perfect result in an extensive body area.

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Costs for a treatment with alexandrite laser in Mannheim

Are you interested in a treatment with the alexandrite laser? Many customers also wonder whether it is better to start treatment with the alexandrite laser or the diode laser. We would be happy to advise you on this technique and its suitability for your individual physical conditions. Not only about the technology, but also about the expected costs of the treatment. These differ according to the part of the body to be treated, but not in the chosen technique. Feel free to ask all your questions about hair removal with the alexandrite laser and learn more about this topic.

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Free consultation in Mannheim

Arrange now your personal and non-binding consultation with our medical and cosmetic staff in the Mannheim institute. During your consultation there is an analysis of your hair and skin. In this way, our specialist staff can make an assessment if the alexandrite laser is the right technology for your needs. We are looking forward to your visit in the Mannheim institute.


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