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What exactely is the IPL technology?

The technology

With the IPL method, unwanted hair can be successfully and gently removed from almost all parts of the body in a quick and easy way. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The pure light impulses are not directed in a bundled manner. Tha’s why it is not a laser treatment. This means that the specific characteristics of each customer can be considered with the adjustment of the wavelengths.

Here flash-lamps-devices are used which emit short light impulses in the length of 2 to 300 milliseconds. The energy which is emitted, shows a remarkable strength with 12 and 120 joule per square centimetre.

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The effect of IPL

What happens in the body?

The pigment in hair is melanin. The advantage of this dye is that light particles, the photons, can be absorbed very well. The light is then guided through the individual hair to the follicle. This is where the energy is concentrated and the body converts it into heat of 65° to 72° Celsius. As a result, the hair root is finally desolate, which means that the individual hair is no longer supplied with nutrients. As a result, new hair can no longer be produced. The hair stays out permanently*.

Due to the different hair and skin structure of each customer, different filters are needed with the IPL-Technology. The filters used block out the wavelengths that do not match the hair and skin type. Only the wavelengths for the appropriate hair and skin type come through.

Permanent* and efficient

With the IPL-technology quite large areas can be treated. That saves you time and money concerning each treatment. The individual treatments themselves also require less time and can therefore be optimally integrated into everyday life.

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The growth cycle of hair

Desolation of the hair root is only possible in the growth phase of each individual hair. This varies from hair to hair. Statistically, only about 10 percent of hair is in the same growth cycle. That’s why multiple treatments are needed to actually remove all hair permanently*. A regular repetition of the treatment at intervals of 4 weeks is therefore very important.

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Treatment and devices

How exactely does the treatment work?

First, the appropriate filter is attached to the handpiece. This was previously determined in the free consultation based on the skin type. The handpiece is then placed on the wanted area. The handpiece then emits a pulse of light onto the skin. Thereafter, the process follows again at the adjacent location. Because of this procedure, it is also often called “stamping”. The emitted light pulses are transported to the hair root via the melanin. Here, the protein in the affected hair root denatures and the hair falls out as a result.

Areas of treatment

The IPL-Technology can be used at almost every area of the body. Often chosen are armpits and legs. But almost every other body region can be freed from unwanted excessive hair growth. Several body regions can also be treated in one treatment appointment.

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Costs & savety

Costs hair removal IPL

But what exactly does hair removal using the IPL technique cost? Of course, the costs depend on the selected body region and how many treatments are necessary. We have all the light technologies at our disposal, but we want to offer you transparent and clear prices, the costs per treatment are the same for all hair removal methods with light or laser. They only differ in relation to the body area. Find out the exact costs from our price overview and have the expected total costs regarding your hair and skin type calculated in your free consultation.

Proven security

All of our IPL devices are regularly and carefully checked to ensure that they are working properly, so that damage to the skin can be excluded. All treatments are carried out by our medical and cosmetic specialists in order to offer you the greatest possible professionalism.

The eyes are protected from the flashes of light with special glasses suitable for IPL applications.

For whom IPL is suitable?

Hair and skin type

Treatment with the IPL method is basically possible for almost everyone. In contrast to our other techniques, however, this technology reaches its limits with very light hair. This is particularly due to the fact that light hair contains very little melanin. In this case, the actual light pulse can hardly be transported to the root. For light hair, we have other technologies that make permanent* hair removal more efficient.

Removing red hair is just as problematic with IPL technology as light hair. The reason for this is the dye phaemelanin contained in red hair. This does not absorb the light as well as dark hair.

Things you should note

Intensive sunbathing should be avoided not only before but also after the treatment. Visits to the solarium should be avoided entirely. If the exposure to the sun is too high in a too short time, as is the case with solarium or intense sunlight, different pigmentation can occur. This is called hypopigmentation.

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