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PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL Different techniques in comparison

„Laser hair removal” has established itself as a common term. Regardless of the applied technique, all methods have one thing in common, which is the use of light. The process of permanent hair removal via light is also known as photo epilation.

IPL and Laser

Common laser or IPL devices work with very short sequenced light impulses of 2-300 milliseconds. The released energy here is about 12-120 Joule per cm². That energy is conducted via the hair and only over the endogenous dye melanin to the hair root. As a result, temperatures of 65-72° Celsius occur there. Other cells contain the dye as well, and absorb those high-energy spikes. This can lead to swelling.


The SHR technique is different. There the energy is led only to 50 percent via the melanin and furthermore works through the skin to the stem cells of the hair. Those are responsible for the reproduction of the hair. The above-described common methods use the only melanin to get to the stem cell. With the SHR technique there is fewer energy required, because the technique uses the melanin and the skin, and this leads additional to a better skin compatibility and a lower risk of burning. Because of the lower force and better distribution of the heat development, the SHR technology is in contrast to the IPL method painless.


Higher effectiveness due to XENOgel®

Due to the targeted heating of the hair roots the contained protein is denatured and the cell is deprived its ability to regenerate itself, which leads to the desired result – permanent hair removal. The XENOgel method is based on the above-described progressive SHR system and a crystal gel. The skin or rather the hair roots are heated slowly and continuously by the SHR system. The maximum temperature is about comfortable 45° Celsius. For an increase of the effectiveness of the respective session and the improvement of light, the crystal gel is applied, so the light can reach the hair roots even better. Furthermore, the gel helps to cool down the skin during the treatment, because the gel is very heat conductive. As a result, there are less skin irritations and a pleasant feeling of the skin.

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