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Here you get an overview of each body area a permanent* hair removal in the Mannheim institute is possible.

photo collage women with smooth skin thanks to permanent hair removal with haarfreiheit mannheim


A well-groomed body with smooth skin in every part of the body is the dream of many women. This means a lot of effort and constant shaving or waxing of the specific parts of the body. This takes an enormous amount of time and often leads to irritated skin. The permanent hair removal* helps you not to worry about shaving anymore and is possible on almost any part of the body. Smooth skin from the upper lip to the legs without shaving.

If you already know at which part of your body you want to get rid of hair permanently and you want to know more about the costs of the respective treatment, just click on the button below to get to our pricing table.

Photo body region woman face permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | FACE

Never* deal with an agonizing lady’s beard again. Because hair on the upper lip or chin is very uncomfortable for a woman. Remove hairs or fluff easily with light. Absolute beauty and smooth skin on the face. Always*.

Photo body region woman underarm permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | ARMPITS

Smooth, delicate armpits without constant shaving. With us in Mannheim, you can easily have your underarm hair removed permanently* with the help of light or laser. We have a wide range of technologies and the necessary experience to do this.

Photo body region woman arms and hands permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | ARMS & HANDS

Smooth soft skin is also a must for many women on arms and hands. Here it is often tedious to shave the areas over and over again. Opt for a permanent* solution with laser hair removal.

Photo body region woman chest and abdomen permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | CHEST & ABDOMEN

Sensual curves and consistently smooth skin: the dream of every woman. You will never have to shave, epilate or grow hair on your stomach or chest again with the permanent* hair removal of hairlessness.

Photo body region woman intimate area permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | BIKINI ZONE & INTIMATE AREA

Precisely these sensitive areas require a lot of attention until the skin has been freed of pubic hairs. Annoying stubble can make the cumbersome procedure even more unbearable. Therefore, opt for a permanent* solution.

Photo body region woman buttocks permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | BUTTOCKS & GLUTEAL FOLD

The area is not only difficult to reach to remove hair on the butt or in the butt fold itself. Due to hygienic requirements, it is often very unpleasant to remove hair there. With permanent* hair removal you have one less worry.

Photo body region woman legs permanent hair removal

Hair removal women | LEGS

Wear dresses whenever you want without even having to pay attention to whether the legs are smooth? Laser hair removal makes it possible and frees you from hair growth on the leg.


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