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Hair removal

Here is an overview of the individual body regions in which a permanent hair removal* is possible.

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A well-groomed body with smooth skin in every part of the body is the dream of many women. This means a lot of effort and constant shaving or waxing of the specific parts of the body. This takes an enormous amount of time and often leads to irritated skin. The permanent hair removal* helps you not to worry about shaving anymore and is possible on almost any part of the body. Smooth skin from the upper lip to the legs without shaving.

hair removal FACE

Annoying lady beard? Never again. Well-formed eyebrows? Always*. Perfect beauty and smooth skin in the face. Always*.

hair removal ARMPITS

Smooth tender armpits and that without constant shaving. Permanent hair removal* with our numerous technologies makes it possible.

hair removal ARMS & HANDS

Smooth, soft skin is also a must have on the arms and hands of many women. In that area it is often annoying to shave over and over again. The permanent hair removal* can help you to get rid of it.

hair removal BREAST & ABDOMEN

Sensual curves and consistently smooth skin: the dream of every woman. You never have to shave, epilate or wax again with the permanent hair removal* of Haarfreiheit.

hair removal INTIMATE AREA

Especially sensitive areas require a lot of attention concerning hair removal. Annoying stubble can make the complex procedure even more unbearable. Therefore, opt for a permanent* solution.


The area is not only difficult to reach. Due to the hygienic requirements, it is often very unpleasant to remove hair in this specific area. With permanent hair removal* you have one worry less.

hair removal LEGS

Wear clothes whenever you want without having to worry about the legs being smooth? The permanent hair removal* makes it possible.

Permanent* hair removal with the most modern technology and medical cooperation partners.

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