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Facial Hair (Women)

Annoying hair on the face is a nuisance to any woman. They don’t look good, the skin feels as uneven as it looks and the hairs can not be reconciled with the standards of a well-groomed and luminous appearance.

They often sprout on the upper lip or on the chin and they are unpleasant to women because they care about beauty and a feminine, well-groomed appearance. A particularly pronounced hair on the face can even limit in everyday life and in extreme cases, a carefree and unprejudiced occurrence isn’t possible anymore.

Unlike hair on other body parts, these can not be hidden or covered with clothing. Therefore, those hairs are shaved, epilated, waxed or plucked. However, all these methods are no permanent* solutions, they are often uncomfortable, have disadvantages and cost time. The fight against the unpleasant facial hair becomes a daily routine, the morning control look in the mirror becomes a burden. If the hair is epilated or removed with wax, it can cause redness and irritation of the skin. With these methods, the hair can grow in and cause inflammation. Shaving is also detrimental to the sensitive skin on the face.

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Get rid of facial hair

Trying to get rid of hair causes further problems, which call for a solution, because they affect the natural, beautiful appearance. The result is a vicious circle of hair removal which costs a lot of time, strength and patience.

It makes more sense to tackle the problem at its root and to think about a permanent hair removal*, which is also skin-friendly and efficient and allows a confident appearance.

The modern and advanced XENOgel Technology

The removal of body hair with the help of light and laser has a long tradition and is constantly being developed and optimized. The long and continued success of this method is a clear indication of customer satisfaction.

The latest, revolutionary XENOgel Technology is particularly gentle to the skin, painless and at the same time extremely effective. Older methods of hair removal using light or laser have mainly attacked the melanin, the body’s own dye. Melanin is not only present in the hair, but also in the skin, so that the light impulse had not only effects on the unpleasant hairs, but unfortunately also onto the skin. The XENOgel Technology works only half onto the body’s own melanin.

The remaining energy acts on the stem cells of the hair roots. This effect is enhanced and optimized by the crystal gel applied to the skin during the treatment. Not only does it improve the desired result, it also has a pleasant cooling effect on the skin.

The treatments with the XENOgel Technology are not only painless and skin-friendly, but also very efficient, fast and sustainable.

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