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Hair growth cylces

The meaning of the hair cycle in permanent hair removal

After the start of treatment, it is important to pay attention to the growth cycle of the hair. Find out why and how to comply here.

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The rhythm of treatment for hair removal

Hair cycle

The different phases of a hair

During growth, each hair goes through several cycles. For us, the resting phase, also called telogene phase, as well as the active or anagen phase, play a role. During the telogenic or resting phase, the hair is not supplied with nutrients, as there is no connection between the hair and the hair root. This prevents the hair from growing and rests instead. If the hair is in the active phase, a connection is given and can thus grow.

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The hair cycle in different body regions

The cycle to be followed varies depending on the body region.

4 weeks: armpits, bikini, intimate, paws

6 weeks: foot, lower legs, thighs, chest, abdomen, buttocks, buttocks, back, shoulder, neck, upper arm, forearm, hands

8 weeks: face, neck, upper lip, chin, head

But why is it important to follow the cycle of hair growth?

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The growth and rest phase

Only if the hair is in the active phase, a successful treatment is possible. This is because the connection between hair and hair root ensures that the light of our XENOgel Technology reaches the hair root. Once there, the hair root denatures due to the heat of the light and the nutrient supply is interrupted. As a result, the hair can no longer be supplied with the necessary nutrients and the hair falls out.

Around 10% of all hairs are in the active phase at the same time. The remaining 90% thus rest. Every 4, 6 or 8 weeks a hair enters the growth phase and can therefore be subjected to treatment. After the active phase is completed, this hair rests for 9×4, 9×6 or 9×8 weeks. It should also be borne in mind that each hair has its own cycle.

Growth phases hair IPL

Also with IPL hair removal, it is crucial to consider the growth phases of the hair to achieve optimal results. In our institute in Mannheim, we carefully consider these phases when scheduling appointments to ensure effective treatment. Our experienced staff assists customers to ensure that the IPL treatment is performed at the right time.

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