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PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL at your medical institute

The leading provider in the region for permanent hair removal welcomes you. We look back to many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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medical care

Always be well looked after. Through our specialized staff and the support of the doctors Mrs. Talas and Mrs. Nalezinski you will get the best medical care around the topic of permanent hair removal. Their many years of practical experience also give you the opportunity an answer to even complicated questions. If a takeover of the treatment costs by the health insurance was promised, our doctors are also in contact with them in order to discuss the further procedure.

Haarfreiheit Mannheim wants you to receive the best service in permanent hair removal treatment. This can only be done with the best support. Thus, our professional medical staff is optimally supported by Mrs. Nalezinski and Mrs. Talas. Learn more about our team of experts on the following pages.

medical staff

In our medical institute, you will be looked after by medical specialists in order to be able to offer you the best possible care. Medical knowledge is indispensable. To professionally and effectively remove hair not only the best technology is required, but also a team of experts around our doctors, which have optimal knowledge of skin and hair texture.

In addition to the medical know-how, knowledge of the technology is indispensable. So our employees are always trained both in theory and in practice to provide you with an optimal treatment.

high patient satisfaction

Trust our expertise and our professionalism like many other patients and let the results inspire you.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a permanent hair removal treatment. First it is considered whether a permanent removal is even wanted and if so, whether the treatment is also carried out properly.

Previous experiences of patients are very helpful. We can look forward to a particularly high level of patient satisfaction. This results from the excellent service around hair removal as well as the professional implementation of the individual treatments.

all technologies

We especially recommend the XENOgel procedure. In addition, we have been approached by our patients on various other technologies for performing permanent hair removal with light. As we are always committed to your satisfaction and to be able to provide the best service, we have decided to offer you just every technology available on the market for permanent hair removal with light.

Find the right technique together with us to get rid of annoying hair once and for all. Because we have all technologies – XENOgel | SHR | IPL | Diode laser | Alexandrite laser | ND: YAG laser – hairfree… forever!

Our practice is located in the Medicenter in the square M7 near the water tower and the main railway station.



Permanent hair removal in a new dimension

Our medical institute in the heart of Mannheim

Thanks to the permanent hair removal with the photo epilation you won’t have to worry about annoying hair – no matter which part of your body.

For the best results


Mrs. Irene Nalezinski is the best contact person concerning the field of permanent hair removal, because of years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. Get the best medical support.

For an optimal result


Only with the best staff the best results are reachable. Our medical staff contributes to this and is always a welcoming contact person for all your questions regarding permanent hair removal.

Only the best


Permanent hair removal via photoepilation can be performed with different methods. We offer you every, on the market available, technology and find the most suitable for you.

Opening Hours

You can find our practice rooms in the second floor directly in the Medicenter.

8.00am – 10.00pm
8.00am – 10.00pm
8.00am – 10.00pm
8.00am – 10.00pm
8.00am – 10.00pm
9.00am – 4.00pm

The team welcomes you to the Mannheim Institute



Irene Nalezinski MD

Mitarbeiterin Mannheim

Head of Institute Heidelberg

Saskia Helbig


Head of Institute Mannheim

Christa Zischkale

Mitarbeiterin Iris Kalisch

Medical-laboratory Assistant

Iris Kalisch

Mitarbeiterin Anna Fuchs

Medical Assistant

Anna Fuchs

Mitarbeiterin CW

Registered Nurse

Carla Weber


Medical Assistant

Christina Weyrauch


Medical Assistant

Diren Duman


Medical Assistant

Kornelia Bückle


Medical Assistant

Duygu Kuhl


Medical Assistant

Selina Wedel

Sara Amato

Medical Assistant

Sara Amato


medical assistant

Zehra Nock


head of qualitiy management

Julia Hobe

registered nurse


medical assistant

Isabella Miliziano


Schedule Coordination

Vanessa Räuchle

Mitarbeiterin Elena Kampp

Schedule Coordination

Elena Kampp

Smooth and soft skin in all body regions are getting more popular even by men.

Therefore, hair removal is not only an issue concerning women but also men, which care about aesthetics and hygiene. Typical body regions, which make permanent hair removal necessary for men, are armpits, abdomen, back and the intimate area. For women armpits, intimate area as well as bikini zone and legs are in great demand.

Due to the XENOgel method it is possible for us to treat dark as well as light skin and to successfully reach the goal of permanent hair removal.


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Experiences patients had with Haarfreiheit Mannheim

Stefanie R.

I was tired of the constant shaving, so I needed an alternative. I definitely found one with Haarfreiheit Mannheim. Due to my skin and hair texture I was treated with the alexandrite laser and I am very pleased with the result.

Sarah L.

Up until now I epilated my leg hair. The result did only last about 4 weeks though, considering that the treatment was very painful and not to mention the skin irritations. Thanks to Haarfreiheit I do not ever have to do this again. The XENOgel method is absolutely painless and really effective. Thanks.


Monday – Friday
8.00am – 10.00pm
9.00am – 4.00pm


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Permanent* hair removal with the most modern technology with medical support.


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