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Hair removal
with Diode laser 808

Laser hair removal in Mannheim

One of the best known and most effective laser technologies for permanent* hair removal – of course also this technology is available at our haarfreiheit institutes

Laser har removal with the diode laser

Method of hair removal with laser

Contrary to the IPL or SHR method, bundled light impulses are used in a treatment with the diode laser. The specific length of the light waves is the reason for the name of the diode laser 808. The wavelength is 808 nm, in contrast to IPL. Due to the light bundling every single hair root can be treated precisely and effectively. This treatment is very gentle and has only an extremely low risk of burning. Frequent impulses and a low energy input ensure a save treatment.

Procedure diode laser treatment

The in all hair roots contained protein drives the hair growth. During a treatment with a diode laser warmth occurs. It destroys those protein cells, which are capable for the nutrition of every hair. The hair roots now lack the needed nutrients for the growth and don’t appear again after the treatment. Many methods for a permanent hair removal with laser are based on this principle.

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Customer experiences with the diode laser

The experiences of our customers during a treatment with the diode laser in Mannheim are very positive. Due to the precise treatment with the laser, each session is very effective. Customer satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, the skin and also the hair are individually examined in advance, as there are unique characteristics to be taken into account in each case. Only then can a coordinated and professional laser hair removal take place.

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Body & hair

What happens in your body?

Due to the light waves the temperature in each hair root rises. As a result the protein, which is responsible for the hair growth, denatures. Once the hair follicles are not supplied anymore with needed nutrients, they are falling out and cannot regenerate themselves anymore.

The wavelenght of 808 nm has another advantage: The generated heat only reaches the skin areas which are occupied with hair papillae. Therefore, the remaining skin layers are not damaged. Additionally the neighbouring tissue is generally spared and also blood is not impaired, because the haemoglobin – the blood containing dye – does not react to the specific wavelength of the diode laser.

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What do you have to notice?

For the effectiveness of the treatment it is essential that the hair is in its growth phase. That means hair has an active connection to its root. Only this way light impulses can be transported to the hair root. To realize a permanent hair removal, various sessions are needed. Only that way every single hair can be reached in its according growth phase and be treated.

Your expert for laser hair removal

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Safety for your treatment

Safety is particularly important regarding laser technology. Laser hair removal treatments are therefore only carried out by trained staff from the medical and cosmetic fields. Our experts regularly undergo training courses on safety when using the laser and on the effects on the skin and hair. Medical expertise is also an important issue. Because you should always feel well looked after and safe with Haarfreiheit.

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Free consultation for laser hair removal

Are you interested in having your hair removed using laser technology? Then arrange your personal and free consultation appointment for laser hair removal in Mannheim. We look forward to your visit and will be happy to answer all your questions on this topic. There you will also find all the details about the expected costs.


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