Diode laser 808

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The Diode Laser 808


Contrary to the IPL or SHR method, bundled light impulses are used in a treatment with the diode laser. The specific length of the light waves is the reason for the name of the diode laser 808. The wavelength is 808 nm, in contrast to IPL. Due to the light bundling every single hair root can be treated precisely and effectively. This treatment is very gentle and has only an extremely low risk of burning. Frequent impulses and a low energy input ensure a save treatment.

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The in all hair roots contained protein drives the hair growth. During a treatment with a diode laser warmth occurs. It destroys those protein cells, which are capable for the nutrition of every hair. The hair roots now lack the needed nutrients for the growth and don’t appear again after the treatment. Many methods for a permanent hair removal with laser are based on this principle.

The diode laser 808 is suitable for a skin-friendly transfer of the light impulses via the melanin to the hair roots, due to its specific length of the light waves. Melanin is the dye which is, depending on how much tanned the skin is, contained in the skin. Here the light cells are converted into warmth. During the treatment with diode laser, the according body areas are run over with a hand piece. Here the light waves are emitted, which are bundled due to the laser. The bundling of the light impulses works different to the IPL-method. This way the light can reach the hair root optimally, until it is transferred by the melanin.

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Body & hair

What happens in your body?

Due to the light waves the temperature in each hair root rises. As a result the protein, which is responsible for the hair growth, denatures. Once the hair follicles are not supplied anymore with needed nutrients, they are falling out and cannot regenerate themselves anymore.

The wavelenght of 808 nm has another advantage: The generated heat only reaches the skin areas which are occupied with hair papillae. Therefore, the remaining skin layers are not damaged. Additionally the neighbouring tissue is generally spared and also blood is not impaired, because the haemoglobin – the blood containing dye – does not react to the specific wavelength of the diode laser.

For the effectiveness of the treatment it is essential that the hair is in its growth phase. That means hair has an active connection to its root. Only this way light impulses can be transported to the hair root. To realize a permanent hair removal, various sessions are needed. Only that way every single hair can be reached in its according growth phase and be treated.


Before you can start your treatment, it is necessary to note that you should not wax or epilate the according body region. Those methods remove not only the hair but also its hair root. Shaving in the to be treated areas is possible, as only the hair is removed without its root. Eventually the presence of the hair root is essential for the effectiveness of a treatment with the diode laser or rather any other permanent hair removal method with light therapy. The light impulses move along the hair to the hair root. Therefore, you should not remove any hair roots at least one month before the treatment.

Additionally, we want to advise you that pigment disorders of the skin (moles or pigment spots) have to be covered by an opaque cloth before the treatment. As those cells have an increased amount of melanin, it would be negligent to treat this area with a light therapy.

Tattoos cannot be treated with the diode laser as well, because changes of the colour could occur due to a treatment, which is something we cannot account for.

Care instructions

Due to the generated heat slight redness can occur after the treatment. Although this should heal up within one or two days completely. To avoid the occurrence of redness or rather to help the healing process, we recommend applying camomile or aloe vera to the skin area.

Additionally, we recommend avoiding intensive sun bathing or solarium. The natural UV protection of the skin is temporarily disrupted due to the treatment with light. Therefore, you should use sun protection in the following days to the treatment.

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A laser works with focused light and is able to emit a relatively high amount of energy to the skin. Therefore a safe handling of the diode laser is very important. Our trained staff pays particular attention to the fact that the setting of the device is suitable for your skin and hair type, because safety has the highest priority. In addition, every precaution is taken so that the laser only emits light in the desired area of the skin.

In addition, device safety itself is also very important. Because of this, they are serviced at regular intervals and checked for full and safe functionality. That’s why you can rely on safe laser technology and safe and competent handling of it.


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