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Permanent hair removal* ARMS & HANDS

Flawless arms and hands thanks to permanent hair removal* – we will find the right technology for your needs.

Beine Frau Wabe

Remove body hair on your arms permanently*

Smooth skin on arms and hands

Beautiful well-groomed arms and hands are indispensable for a good first impression, especially for women. If you were previously unsure about the appearance of your arms and hands, worry no more. We put an end to unsightly, disturbing hair in these areas.

Especially with darker hair types, hair on the hands and arms is very noticeable. Many women find this extremely unpleasant and try to remove it with conventional hair removal methods. In the end, unsightly stubble and reappearing work remain. We have the right solution for you thanks to our latest permanent hair removal techniques.

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Hair removal with light

Free choice of clothes without shaving

Put an end to long-sleeved tops! Show off your beautiful arms and hands without worrying you might be unflatteringly noticed due to hair. Be confident with your appearance. Dark hairs and unsightly stubble are now a thing of the past.

Relaxed to the desired result

With the help of photoepilation, such as IPL, SHR or our XENOgel Technology, you can get rid of annoying hair on your arms and hands. In our institute you can relax and say goodbye to your problems, because our procedures are painless and gentle to the skin. We let your skin shine again.

New self-confidence thanks to light

Self-confident, every day

It goes without saying that well-groomed hands and arms are a must in today’s world. Since the hands are in focus every day, the quality of life is drastically reduced if you are unsure about their appearance. Let us inform you, during a free consultation, about the different photoepilation systems to ensure you full quality of life again.

Professionally to smooth hands

Especially since hands and arms are so much in focus in our daily lives, permanent hair removal should only be performed by professionals. If you have already removed your hair yourself using conventional methods such as shaving, you know that the skin can be irritated and sensitive. These methods also do not guarantee a permanent solution. Let your dream of permanent* soft skin come true with the help of our permanent hair removal with light. Also suitable for sensitive areas, with thinner layers of skin such as on the hand and arm.

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