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Permanent* hair removal for women in Mannheim at buttocks & gluteal fold

Getting rid of bothersome buttock hair on women’s buttocks? No problem with Haarfreiheit in Mannheim.

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Permanently* remove annoying hair on the buttocks

Hair on the buttocks in women?

Are buttock hairs normal in women? Generally, hair growth on the buttocks is less pronounced in women compared to men. Nevertheless, there are many women who struggle with hair around the anus. Butt hair can be extremely uncomfortable and can disrupt the appearance of smooth and supple skin. Do you also have that one spot on your body that bothers you repeatedly? Your expert partner, Haarfreiheit, can free you from bothersome hair growth on the buttocks and in the buttock crease.

Difficult-to-remove hair

Removing hair in the buttock crease area can be quite challenging. Using a razor to remove hair in this area is very difficult. Waxing in this region can be almost unbearable, offering little real alternative. Both shaving and waxing can often lead to minor skin injuries or itching, not to mention the stubble that reappears shortly after. Other methods can also be painful for buttock hair removal. We can assist you with one of our photoepilation methods. Completely painless and without bothersome side effects like itching or skin irritation.

Reach your goal with modern technology

Our wide range of modern technologies, including SHR, IPL, and diode laser, allows for gentle and long-lasting removal of unwanted hair. Whether it’s the face, legs, or sensitive areas like the buttock crease – we offer effective solutions. Specifically for women who want to get rid of unwanted buttock hair, the painless XENOgel® Technology hair removal is particularly suitable. Our experts are here to guide you in finding the best method for your needs. In just a few sessions, you can free yourself from bothersome buttock hair and enjoy smooth, confident skin.

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Hair on the buttocks?

no chance

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Butt crease without hair

Feel completely comfortable and free

We know that when shaving you can often forget one or two hairs. It is especially difficult to catch all the hairs in the crease. Having to worry about this is unpleasant. That is why our goal is to free you from these worries. With our photoepilation you can feel free and aesthetic – every day. Give your body this attention and experience complete freedom.

Have a good feeling in every situation

Even though these are areas which usually are not visible to the public, they should not be neglected. With our permanent hair removal* you can feel confident and desirable no matter the situation. Treat your body to this luxury.

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Get rid of itching & enjoy discretion

No more itching

Especially such private areas need a lot of care. Shaving can cause skin irritation, resulting in pimples and itching. This is especially unpleasant on such a sensitive part of the body. With the help of one of our photoepilation methods you can prevent these side effects and take your hygiene to the next level. Learn about our permanent hair removal* and get rid of unwanted hair forever.

Discretion during hair removal on the buttocks

Of course we know that a certain discretion is needed when it comes to such private areas. For this reason, our medical staff will advise and treat you discreetly and professionally. We understand all your concerns and problems and will work with you to find the best solution for you. Our goal is to help you achieve your desired result in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.


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