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Smooth LEGS without shaving with permanent* hair removal for women

Silky smooth skin on the legs – without shaving and stubble formation!

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Well-groomed and smooth legs with hair freedom

Enjoy the aesthetic of a perfect woman

Beautiful, smooth legs have been part of a woman’s aesthetic for many years. For this reason, almost every woman in Germany removes the hair on her legs. This is usually done with conventional methods such as shaving. This means not only a great deal of time, but also often itching, skin irritations and ingrown hair.

A nee feeling of aesthetic

Be the center of attention with your smooth elegant legs. We fulfill your dream of an uncomlicated hair removal. Smooth elegant legs in any situation. Arrange a non-binding first consultation and let yourself inform from our medical staff about our technologies.

Smooth legs with the latest technology

Smooth legs without big effort

Thanks to our permanent hair removal methods you achieve your dream – smooth and elegant legs. And this without spending a lot of time. The constant shave is unnecessary and you can spend your time more useful. No more ingrown hair or skin irritations. Get informed detailly by our medical staff which method of photoepilation is optimally for you.

Painless hair removal with cold light

Our technology of the permanent hair removal* works with cold light and is therefore especially friendly for the skin. Relax during your treatment in our professional institute. With our painless method you can save the daily time effort and this a whole life long. Live your new gained freedom.

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Laser technology

In addition to permanent* hair removal with cold light, we also offer laser hair removal. We have all the technologies available on the market in this area. For example, we have the diode laser, alexandrite laser and the ND:YAG laser, with which the legs can be permanently removed*. In contrast to cold light, the laser works with concentrated light. This leads to a punctual treatment of each individual hair. Discuss all options during your free consultation.

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Do I still have to shave my legs?

Unlimited selection of dresses – forever

If in the swimming pool, on holidays or during summer days don’t ever worry about your hair on the legs. Don’t let you interrupt wearing dresses by annoying hair. Be free from painful hair removal procedures like waxing. Take your time for better things then a shave.

Best service

Professional team

To provide you with the best service our team consists of medical and trained staff. The best technology can only be used efficiently if our personnal has a professional knowledge. Meet us in free consultation und get to know more about the different technologies. Together we find the suitable technique for your needs.

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