Let your aesthetic be the centre of attention

Since the butt of a man is the first thing women notice, many pay a lot of attention to this body region. But it is a fact that the hair removal of hair in this area, especially the intergluteal fold, is very difficult. Due to the sensitivity of this area for many man a treatment with wax or even shaving is not an option.

Perfection – every day

No more painful waxing. No more cuts and irritated skin. We offer you a gentle and especially painless permanent hair removal* with various methods of photoepilation. Whether its SHR, IPL or diode laser, you can be sure that disturbing hair on buttocks are no longer an issue for you. Feel perfection daily. The desired result can be achieved in only a few sessions.

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Be relieved of your old fears

We can understand that many can feel insecure and unaesthetic with extensive body hair. But don’t renounce close contact with your partner and feel completely confident again. Whether its above the buttocks or the intergluteal fold, we free you permanently* from unwanted body hair. Increase your quality of life with the help of our painless hair removal methods and feel free again.

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Fresh hygiene for every day

Areas as the intergluteal fold require an increased daily maintenance effort. Since dirt particles can cling onto hair, skin irritations or similar hygienic problems can occur. You can counteract this problem with a permanent hair removal*. Without hair the effort to keeping this area hygienic is drastically lowered and the surface for dirt particles to cling onto is simultaneously decreased. With our XENOgel® Technology you have the best chances for a fresh hygiene every day.

Enjoy your freedom

Due to a permanent hair removal* you can always put the attention to your butt. Don’t worry about unsightly hair and do not hide what you have anymore. Live out your newly acquired freedom completely.


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