perfect appearance in the in the INTIMATE AREA

Hygiene and aesHygiene and aesthetic are of great importance especially in sensitive areas. To get rid of hair permanently* in that area the permant* hair removal of Haarfreiheit Mannheim is the right choice.

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Hair in the male intimate area

Hair are growing almost everywhere

Hair at a men’s body can grow almost everywhere. At some parts oft he body they are considered as less disturbing but not in the intimate area. Hair in this zone have a different appearance than other hair on the body and are therefore very unsightly. A well groomed and handsome intimate area isn’t only a topic for women. Even more men are interested to get rid of hair in that part of your body.

How can you get rid of those hair?

The most common method form en to reach that target ist the intimate shaving. There is a wide range in this area, from classic wet shaving to dry shaving. One time shaved those hair regrow fast. Annoying stubble and ingrown hair are the result. Some men are using intimate hair creme which is not very helpful. Hair are only dissolved superfically and regrow after only a few days. In contrast to that we offer hair removal with the help of light and laser in Mannheim.

Permanently well groomed intimate area

The modern hair removal with light

To get the ideal picture of a well-groomed appearance in the intimate area our modern technology can help. It’s the alternative to the intimate shaving or the removal of hair with creme. Get rid of hair in your intimate area with the new permanent method. The technology is very complex and offers many possibilities.

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