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permanent* hair removal in the male INTIMATE AREA

Hygiene and aesthetic are of great importance especially in sensitive areas. To get rid of hair permanently* in that area the permant* hair removal of Haarfreiheit Mannheim is the right choice.

Hair in the male intimate area

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Hair are growing almost everywhere

Hair at a men’s body can grow almost everywhere. At some parts oft he body they are considered as less disturbing but not in the intimate area. Hair in this zone have a different appearance than other hair on the body and are therefore very unsightly. That’s why it is common for men to get rid of hair in the intimate area.

Proper care of a men’s intimate area

A well groomed and handsome intimate area isn’t only a topic for women. Even more men are interested to get rid of hair in that part of your body. This is not only for aesthetic but also for hygienic reasons, because fewer bacteria can accumulate without hair. In addition, stubble is particularly unpleasant in that area.

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Common methods of hair removal

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shaving in the male intimate area

The most common method form en to reach that target ist the intimate shaving. Some men also go the barber for a shave of the intimate area. If the hair is to be removed by shaving itself, this method of hair removal requires the right razor. There is a wide range in this area from classic wet shaving to dry shaving with a safety razor. Once hair is shaved off, it grows back quickly. Unpleasant stubble and ingrown hairs are the result.

Depilatory cream for the intimate area

Some men use intimate hair removal cream to remove hair, but this isn’t also very helpful. With hair removal cream, every hair is only chemically dissolved on the skin’s surface and then grows back after a certain time.

Is there an alternative to shaving and depilatory cream?

Permanently well groomed intimate area

The modern hair removal with light

To get the ideal picture of a well-groomed appearance in the intimate area our modern technology can help. It’s the alternative to the intimate shaving or the removal of hair with creme. Get rid of hair in your intimate area with the new permanent method. The technology is very complex and offers many possibilities.

Depending on your hair and skin type, we will find the right technique for your individual needs together. Due to our numerous technical possibilities, we will definitely find the right technology. Find out more in a free consultation. Discreet handling is a matter of course when it comes to intimate hair removal. Because it is a very sensitive area.

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Every day a well groomed appearance in the intimate area

Our permanent* hair removal helps you to feel more attractive every day and to be able to rely on a well-groomed intimate area. Be sure that you don’t have any annoying stubble or forgotten hairs in difficult places. Are you still not sure whether you want to depilate the entire intimate area? We can also remove hair in a specific area only. In this way, the hair can be removed permanently* around the penis or just at the transition from the abdomen to the genital area.

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Your expert for hair removal in the intimate area

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Best service and best technology

We have every technology available on the market and are well equipped with it. So we can meet your demands for professional removal of pubic hair with light. A gentle method is particularly important in this area so that no skin irritation can occur. For this reason, we work with technology that is particularly gentle on the skin, but which is also effective. However, the most modern technology is only complete if it is also used by professional staff. For this reason, our staff consists of medical and cosmetic specialists.

Discretion has the highest priority

The pubic area is probably the most private part of a men’s body. Therefore, you will be looked after in our institute in Mannheim with the most discretion and professionalism by our specialist staff. This means that you can ask any questions that arise without feeling ashamed. Relax and enjoy your treatment. The experiences of our male customers with the intimate hair removal using the XENOgel® Technology or IPL are always positive.

Prices and offers for intimate hair removal in Mannheim

Discover our affordable prices and attractive offers for male intimate hair removal in Mannheim. Our institute provides professional treatments at fair conditions. Say goodbye to traditional methods and benefit from long-lasting smoothness and comfort. Our experts are here to support you, offering a liberating sensation and an optimal price-performance ratio. Installment payments are also available. Get ready to achieve a new level of freshness and attractiveness with our intimate hair removal solutions.


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