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Smooth and male CHEST & ABDOMEN thanks to hair removal with light

Feel good in your skin – get rid of annoying hair on chest and belly at Haarfreiheit in Mannheim

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Chest & abdomen hair removal

Male self-confidence redefined

Look confident in any situation with smooth skin on your chest and abdomen. Not only is smooth skin in this area attractive to women, but it also makes it easier to groom and feel good. Our advanced procedures can help you achieve improved radiance. Don’t ever be annoyed by unwanted hair again and let us inform you about our modern technology of permanent* hair removal.

Pure definition of chest muscles – without shaving

Annoying chest and belly hair can take away your definition. Don’t let your aesthetics be covered by unwanted hair anymore and show off your pure radiance. Enjoy the luxury of permanently* removed hair on your chest and abdomen, the ladies will thank you.

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Sport and care

Hair removal – no longer just an issue for athletes

Hair removal is already part of everyday life for many athletes, as a hair-free body can improve your performance thanks to reduced air resistance. Hair on the chest is a disturbance, but you don’t have to be an athlete to consider permanent* hair removal.

Minimize skin irritations

Benefit from a depilated chest in the long run, too. No more skin irritations, pimples or ingrown hair. Say goodbye to these side effects of conventional hair removal methods and enjoy the benefits of permanent* hair removal.

Optimal results and relaxation at the same time

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Optimal results in just a few sessions

Our pioneering hair removal methods have many benefits. We can effectively and painlessly remove unwanted hair. Due to the low energy required with our XENOgel® Technology, we are also able to perform a treatment that is gentler on the skin. Especially in contrast to other traditional procedures such as waxing or shaving, permanent hair removal with photoepilation is definitely more advantageous. Our other methods, such as diode laser or IPL, can also provide you with a permanent* result.

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Relaxation thanks to the latest technology

Our painless and skin-friendly methods allow you not only a relaxed treatment, but also the option to easily incorporate a session into your everyday life. Since you will not experience any unpleasant side effects after the treatment, you can simply continue your daily routine after the session without any restrictions. If you still have questions, you can always contact our trained staff. They will be at your disposal during the consultation and the entire treatment phase for any concerns regarding permanent* hair removal.


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