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no more hair at SHOULDERS & BACK

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Take back control of your body

Men often have a much stronger hair growth on their shoulders and back. But especially those areas are hard to reach. Don’t just longer accept this body hair but decide which body region you want to be depilated.

Especially in the working life, but also in everyday life it is important to have a well-groomed appearance. A depilated back is also important regarding hygiene, because dirt can cling onto such hair.

A good appearance without effort

Already in a few sessions we can make your dream of a permanent hair removal* come true. Our methods are painless as well as gentle to the skin. Don’t worry anymore about conventional and cumbersome hair removal on back and shoulders. Due to our effective methods we can achieve the optimal result.

More time for more important things

The modern man pays a lot of attention to its appearance. Although there is often not enough time for a hair removal on the back, by only shaving it. Other conventional methods are also very time-consuming and mostly painful. Additionally, the back is a difficult area for a hair removal. Dedicate your time to other things and trust our permanent hair removal*.

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Highest standard

Our trained medical staff is available for you during the whole treatment. Ask all questions, also during the sessions. We look after you, so that you can enjoy pure relaxation in our institute. Our methods are painless and gentle, therefore you can lay back carelessly, while we are getting you step by step to your desired result.

We gladly inform you about the most suitable hair removal method.

Permanent* hair removal with the most modern technology and medical cooperation partners.

trained staff

many years of experience

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