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Permanent* hair removal saves you the hassle of shaving and improves skin with fewer ingrown hairs or inflamed capsules

Removal of hair on arms and hands

Nonverbal communication

Not only the spoken word but also communication with the body plays an important role in everyday life. Arms and hands are preferred means of expressing more than one is often able to do with words. Therefore, it is enormously important that arms and hands are particularly well-groomed. This is best achieved with smooth skin.

Over and over again

Ensuring a well-groomed appearance of the arms requires constant shaving of these areas. Not only does this take a considerable amount of time, but this time-consuming process must be repeated over and over again. This can become very exhausting in the long run. Waxing these areas is generally an option. The advantage here is that the hair does not grow back as quickly as it does when shaving. The problem, however, is that the hair grows back eventually and the whole process must be repeated. This is very painful, especially with waxing.

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Hair on the fingers

When hair grows on the hands, it usually affects the fingers as well. Increased hair growth can also occur here. To maintain a well-groomed appearance, the hair on the fingers also needs to be removed. However, for a lasting result where hair doesn’t quickly regrow, a gentle and permanent removal of these hairs with light is recommended.

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Relax and get rid of arm hair at the same time

Here is the permanent hair removal for men on hands and arms the perfect way to get rid of bothersome hair growth while slowing down from everyday life. No more shaving or waxing. Hair removal using light makes it possible and saves you both time and effort. We offer you the perfect technology for your needs to get rid of hair growth on arms and hands.

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Best hygiene for arms and hands

It is especially difficult to maintain constant hygiene in the summer. This does even more apply if sweat and dirt particles can adhere to the hair. After a permanent hair removal* this is no longer a problem. Never worry about lack of hygiene on your arms and hands again.

You are in the best hands

In addition to all the technologies available on the market, such as SHR or IPL, we also offer the diode laser, YAG laser and alexandrite laser. Nevertheless, what is the use of all the techniques if there are not specially trained personnel on site to provide you with the best service. Therefore, we have made a conscious effort to ensure that you feel completely at ease and that you receive professional care. Our team is highly trained regarding different medical issues.

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