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permanent* hair removal for men

Hygiene and aesthetics go hand in hand with hairless armpits. In order to achieve this result permanently*, we offer you hair removal by photoepilation.

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Hairless men’s armpits

No longer a woman’s issue

Hair removal in the armpit area is not only an issue concerning women anymore. For many men the hair removal of armpit hair is a part of their grooming routine. Whether it is for hygienic or aesthetic reasons, we will find the best method for you, for a permanent* result. Our medical staff will gladly inform you about our methods, of course absolutely discreetly.

Your armpits will be an absolute eye-catcher

A hairless armpit generally looks more aesthetically pleasing, well-groomed and simply sexy. But most men still try traditional methods like shaving. Side effects such as skin irritation are not uncommon with these hair removal procedures. Ingrown hair is part of that. Also rapid regrowth of the hair leads to unsightly stubble. Instead, use methods such as XENOgel® Technology, SHR or IPL to remove your hair permanently* and effectively. In Mannheim you can get the hair removal under the armpits with all the technologies available on the market.

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Wear T-shirts without armpit hair or stubble

Wear your favorite T-shirt without worrying about regrowing underarm hair. Get rid of the worries that disturbing stubble may be visible. Thanks to our permanent* hair removal, you can feel free and move around. Our methods are gentle, effective and painless. Experience the new lifestyle. The cost of armpit hair removal depends on the number of sessions. This depends on the skin and hair type. Further details can be found in the free and non-binding consultation at the Mannheim Institute.

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Get rid of unpleasant armpit hair and save time

Another advantage of our methods of photoepilation is that you can save yourself a lot of time, which you need for waxing or shaving. Our cold light devices are optimized to operate in the most efficient way. For a permanent* hair removal in the armpit area you only have to plan a few minutes. Save yourself the effort and your precious time and learn about our gentle methods.


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