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Painless hair removal

The XENOgel technology is a method for permanent hair removal which is based on 13 years of experiences in the field of medical body hair removal. Research in combination of the latest technique makes it possible to revolutionize the permanent removal of hair.

Never shaving, epilating or waxing again but still having smooth skin – the methods to reach this result are very different.

Hair removal via light or laser is a modern art of permanent hair removal. Thereby the applied techniques vary strongly. With the XENOgel method we use the latest generation of photoepilation-systems (SHR1 6.0) in combination with an optimized crystal gel. This improves the light-effect of the SHR device and has the maximum effectiveness during the treatment.

With the outdated IPL² method the light can only affect the hair root via the melanin. Since this dye also occurs in the skin, an impairment cannot be excluded and often appears. The consequences are burnings, which are painful and lead to the opposite of smooth soft skin. Furthermore, it is possible that the hair root regenerates after some time and develops a white hair as a defence mechanism. White hair does not contain the dye melanin and therefore cannot be removed with permanent hair removal via light, and has to be shaved from now on.

With the XENOgel method the light-energy works only about 50 percent via the melanin. Additionally stem cells are affected. Those are responsible for the nutrient production of the hair root. With a treatment the contained protein is denatured, which makes a sustainable supply of the hair root with nutrients not possible anymore. Therefore, hair cannot regrow.

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